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Project summary
GIpSynoise is an integrated tool to the ArcView® Geographical Information System 8.3. The acoustics calculations are achieved on the tool, with the help of a CadnaA®[4] runtime. GIpSynoise enables the user to match with the 2002/49/CE European instruction with the achievement of acoustics mappings and related statistic data.

GIpSynoise is used for road, railway and industrial noise sources. The acoustics mappings generated by the airport managers may also be imported into the tool. The types of calculation of the acoustics propagation are NMPB for the road, SRMII for the rail and ISO96-13 for the industrial sources (European instruction advices).

The data validity has to be checked before their use as the input. For that matter, it is the responsibility of the user to input valid data. The wrong entry data lead to a wrong calculated result “in fine”. The user must enter valid information. The entered data into the tool GIpSynoise have a format complying with the “necessary entry data”.

The GIpSynoise tool is not an expertise tool. The aim of this tool is to get a macroscopic idea of real situations. The standard scales “urban communities”, “communities of cities” and “towns” are the appropriate scales for the use of GIpSynoise.